boring weekend

I would like to write about something interesting..i really would but nothing happened this weekend. Lets see on Saturday i went to a bonfire but i didnt stay for that long because we really couldn’t get the fire started and by the time we did get it started not that many people were left. After that i went home and got on to for a while.

Then on Sunday, i went to the gym and worked out for a mom is a Healthnut, so i went, so she would get off my back. After that i went to my friend R.j’s house but we got bored there and decided to go to Gregs house to play xbox live but we got kicked out of  his  house because he forgot to cut his grass and his dad was pissed. After that i went home and fucked around on the internet for a while


Hello world!

OK, so this is my first post. Hopefully i will be doing a lot of these.  Im pretty much will be just writing down my thoughts about what happens on that day or whatever. Also i guess i will put down the song i am listening to..just cause lol. In case anybody wants to know about the vampirefreak a fan of vampires…not twilight. Also im on, add me if you want. Just ask me my name on there. Well thats it for tonight.

Dj virus  – Masterz of bass