Rise Against poster

Ok, For the last few months, i have been listening to a band called Rise Against, there new song called Savior is really cool. So today i decided to go to wallmart and look for a poster of them or whatever. What i want is this http://www.starstore.com/acatalog/Rise-Against-LP1122.jpg . But of course what do i find? Twilight crap..a lot of it. I am sick of the books and the stupid movies, i also think its stupid that i cant find the new Mudvayne cd but i can find 5 different tupac cds…its bullcrap and wallmart knows it.


Job Fair – part 2

OK, so today i went to the job fair with my class and sat there for 7 hours answering questions and handing out fake money so the highschool seniors could have a fake auction and get backpacks.  Lets see the highlights of the job fair were..the hot goth girl that i talked to about techno music, also the kid in my class somehow broke a metal chair, i have no idea how he did it, but it was funny as hell. We also got free pizza, so that was pretty cool.

Lets see….After that i went home and played left 4 dead 2 for about a hour until i got bored..well not bored..more like pissed off because that game is impossible to play on expert.  But thats it for now.

Dj Venom – 420

Job fair

Ok, so im in college and im taking film crew technology, which is where you mess around with cameras and lights and crap like that. Im not even sure i want to be taking it anymore. but thats that another story.  So tommorrow we have to be in a job fair.  Basically what happens is, Seniors come in from different highschools and we tell them what are class does and we have to give them fake money, so they can have a fake auction and win backpacks and shit like that.

The only problem with this thing is..THERE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!!…half of them dont care about what we are talking about and all they want is the stupid fake money to get the crap they dont need! Believe me, i went to this thing last year and i learned from it was…well..i didnt learn anything. But i gotta be there a 7:30 in the am which sucks.

All of my mornings are the same..

I wake up wishing it was Saturday. I get out of bed and look out the window..wishing that it would be raining or maybe a zombie attack…dont laugh, it could happen lol. I make my way to the kitchen and look for something to eat, which is usually 2 pieces of toast and a glass of chocolate milk. I put the toast into the toaster…and try to watch tv..i say try because i usually end up zoning out and watching the toaster. Ok, after i eat, i take a shower which would be quick but the water feels so good when im cold. After that i go to my room and attempt to clean it up but usually i end up on facebook for 20 minutes. I look at the clock and forget about making my bed and find some clothes. Then its a hour of yelling at driver in front of me and listening to techno in my truck. I finally make it to my school….

This is my life..and its ending one minute at a time..

Its sunday..

Well today is my last day of spring break, and i really have nothing to do. Im watchin tv and messing around on the internet.  Hopefully in a few weeks im getting bigger tires for my truck..im really not looking forward to waking up early tommorrow. For some reason i cant log into myspace..i also have facebook, if anybody wants to add me lol..

Saliva – starting over

Hello world!

OK, so this is my first post. Hopefully i will be doing a lot of these.  Im pretty much will be just writing down my thoughts about what happens on that day or whatever. Also i guess i will put down the song i am listening to..just cause lol. In case anybody wants to know about the vampirefreak thing..im a fan of vampires…not twilight. Also im on vampirefreaks.com, add me if you want. Just ask me my name on there. Well thats it for tonight.

Dj virus  – Masterz of bass