Today was ok.

Ok, this morning i woke up around 7…which i hate waking up that sucks, after that i watched our puppies for 5 hours because apperently my parents think i have no life. Around 5 my mom finally came home. i called my friend rj and asked him if wanted to see Iron man 2 with me. He said yes. So he was late to the movie of course.  and he brought a dude named Keethen. and he talked through the entire movie..i hate him lol..   After that we hung out in the parking lot for like 10 mins then rj annouched that he had to puke..i decided to leave but i looked back and he mega puked all over his was nasty..


Im back

Ok, im back, i totally forgot about the blog. OK, so quick recap of what has happened in my life since i stopped posting….Um…im done with college for a while, we have 2 new puppies and we are talking about moving again.  Ok right now, im watching The Descent, which is a really good horror movie, and it has made me jump, which is pretty cool. But thats it for now, i will be on tommorrow