The Roof

OK, so today in my college class, we had to go onto the roof of the school and film a few shots for my film class..The main problem was..the school doesnt have a ladder to the roof and this was for a grade. So we climbed up the side of a big ass antenna that is attached to the roof. Everything went well going up   SO we got up there and filmed some stuff, after that it was time for lunch. So we all start to climb down this thing..i realized that halfway down, that im not a fan of all. So i froze in the middle of antenna and stood there for a minute freaking out. I heard a big cracking noise..which made me jump…yes, thats right jump..i jumped off of the middle of this motherfucker. I ended up landing in some bushes which broke my fall. All i had was a big scratch on and a bruised back, other than that im fine..oh and that cracking noise was the air vent turning on lol


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