Job fair

Ok, so im in college and im taking film crew technology, which is where you mess around with cameras and lights and crap like that. Im not even sure i want to be taking it anymore. but thats that another story.  So tommorrow we have to be in a job fair.  Basically what happens is, Seniors come in from different highschools and we tell them what are class does and we have to give them fake money, so they can have a fake auction and win backpacks and shit like that.

The only problem with this thing is..THERE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!!…half of them dont care about what we are talking about and all they want is the stupid fake money to get the crap they dont need! Believe me, i went to this thing last year and i learned from it was…well..i didnt learn anything. But i gotta be there a 7:30 in the am which sucks.


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