All of my mornings are the same..

I wake up wishing it was Saturday. I get out of bed and look out the window..wishing that it would be raining or maybe a zombie attack…dont laugh, it could happen lol. I make my way to the kitchen and look for something to eat, which is usually 2 pieces of toast and a glass of chocolate milk. I put the toast into the toaster…and try to watch tv..i say try because i usually end up zoning out and watching the toaster. Ok, after i eat, i take a shower which would be quick but the water feels so good when im cold. After that i go to my room and attempt to clean it up but usually i end up on facebook for 20 minutes. I look at the clock and forget about making my bed and find some clothes. Then its a hour of yelling at driver in front of me and listening to techno in my truck. I finally make it to my school….

This is my life..and its ending one minute at a time..


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