Weekend blues

This weekend was very bad..why you ask? lets see…I saw The hot tub time machine..which sucked. I lost my dog to dieabetes which i feel horrible right now because i miss her so much. I have a horrible stomach virus right now….im done talking right now..see you guys later


Life..and stuff

Life sucks right now..it really does..my dog is having issues with her kidneys..college is sucking bad right now..i cant get a job..at all. I can barely afford gas and i cant ask my parents for money. Lets see what else..oh i saw Hot tub time machine tonight and it sucked…im tired..really tired of everything..thats it for now..

The Roof

OK, so today in my college class, we had to go onto the roof of the school and film a few shots for my film class..The main problem was..the school doesnt have a ladder to the roof and this was for a grade. So we climbed up the side of a big ass antenna that is attached to the roof. Everything went well going up it.lol.   SO we got up there and filmed some stuff, after that it was time for lunch. So we all start to climb down this thing..i realized that halfway down, that im not a fan of heights..at all. So i froze in the middle of antenna and stood there for a minute freaking out. I heard a big cracking noise..which made me jump…yes, thats right jump..i jumped off of the middle of this motherfucker. I ended up landing in some bushes which broke my fall. All i had was a big scratch on and a bruised back, other than that im fine..oh and that cracking noise was the air vent turning on lol

boring weekend

I would like to write about something interesting..i really would but nothing happened this weekend. Lets see on Saturday i went to a bonfire but i didnt stay for that long because we really couldn’t get the fire started and by the time we did get it started not that many people were left. After that i went home and got on to Vampirefreaks.com for a while.

Then on Sunday, i went to the gym and worked out for a while..my mom is a Healthnut, so i went, so she would get off my back. After that i went to my friend R.j’s house but we got bored there and decided to go to Gregs house to play xbox live but we got kicked out of  his  house because he forgot to cut his grass and his dad was pissed. After that i went home and fucked around on the internet for a while

Rise Against poster

Ok, For the last few months, i have been listening to a band called Rise Against, there new song called Savior is really cool. So today i decided to go to wallmart and look for a poster of them or whatever. What i want is this http://www.starstore.com/acatalog/Rise-Against-LP1122.jpg . But of course what do i find? Twilight crap..a lot of it. I am sick of the books and the stupid movies, i also think its stupid that i cant find the new Mudvayne cd but i can find 5 different tupac cds…its bullcrap and wallmart knows it.

Job Fair – part 2

OK, so today i went to the job fair with my class and sat there for 7 hours answering questions and handing out fake money so the highschool seniors could have a fake auction and get backpacks.  Lets see the highlights of the job fair were..the hot goth girl that i talked to about techno music, also the kid in my class somehow broke a metal chair, i have no idea how he did it, but it was funny as hell. We also got free pizza, so that was pretty cool.

Lets see….After that i went home and played left 4 dead 2 for about a hour until i got bored..well not bored..more like pissed off because that game is impossible to play on expert.  But thats it for now.

Dj Venom – 420

Job fair

Ok, so im in college and im taking film crew technology, which is where you mess around with cameras and lights and crap like that. Im not even sure i want to be taking it anymore. but thats that another story.  So tommorrow we have to be in a job fair.  Basically what happens is, Seniors come in from different highschools and we tell them what are class does and we have to give them fake money, so they can have a fake auction and win backpacks and shit like that.

The only problem with this thing is..THERE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!!…half of them dont care about what we are talking about and all they want is the stupid fake money to get the crap they dont need! Believe me, i went to this thing last year and i learned from it was…well..i didnt learn anything. But i gotta be there a 7:30 in the am which sucks.